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Pixie's Playground

I'm Pixie, a 42 year old kid playing in my internet yard. (Update: I'm now knocking on the door of 50 and realized this stuff is still floating around in cyberspace from the 1990s. Oh, man, I apologize, universe). I have deleted some of the pages (Carolina Panthers Training Camp pictures from 1999, for example) but have left the pages with my family and a few of my passions or obsessions up just for the hell of it. Someday I'll update the pictures, since my kids are no longer kids and those particular pets (and, in some cases, people) are no longer with us. For now, I'll just make that plan and hope I live long enough to get up the gumption. **Don't look back: something might be gaining on you-----

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Links to pages of family and friends:

Page 2: My kids and animals.
Page 3: More of the same, with Mom and Dad
Page 6: Quote Corner
Page 7: Favorite Authors
Page 8:: Music
Page 10:: Pixie's Memorial Phil Ochs Page


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